Maritime environment – present, detail

Present. Maritime environment.

Some cleanup has been in place, but the plastic keeps coming down the rivers.

The waterfront has footfall activity, but it’s people walking.

Increasing storms have led to the placement of storm defences, which accumulate some of the litter on the ocean.

Maritime environment – dystopia, detail

Dystopia. Maritime environment.

Levees are collapsing in places from storms.

The storm defences have lots of litter, and are now all along the seawall. In some places, the seawall needs repair.

It’s only a matter of time before the waves and litter break over the road.

Maritime environment – eutopia, detail

Eutopia. Maritime environment.

Storm defences are still in place, but there are people fishing off of them.

Some mangroves have been planted in places, in front of the storm defences.

People stroll along the waterfront, and there are kiosks for different things. There are birds on the ocean, feeding on the nurseries amongst the mangroves.

There’s even a binocular stand for people to look out over the water.