Housing – present, detail

Present. Housing.

There’s little in the way of energy efficiency or renewable energy visible among the homes..

Smog is beginning to be a problem, and sanitation is an evident problem in the outskirts. Growth in the outskirt sprawl is beginning, with little hamlets of shacks creating their herringbones with buses into the countryside. Housing stock is built with no regard to regulations, and are often built in unsafe areas. Waste is beginning to pile along the edges of the shanty areas.

Residences, services, production, and leisure making are clustered and separated, making car transport essential—especially as public transport is relatively expensive for low income households, is not reliable, and is precarious beyond the centre. There are few, if any public services, and those existing are poor.

Energy efficiency of homes is poor.

In the city center and wealthier areas, there are few opportunities to charge EVs at the point of parking. In fact, the need for parking spaces eliminates opportunities for open spaces around homes.

Housing – dystopia, detail

Dystopia. Housing.

Tall buildings choke parts of the city. No PV or energy efficiency is visible.

The favela has sprawled with no improvement to quality of buildings, sanitation, or transport. Worse still, the city has erected barriers to try to maintain the favela’s sprawl and crime out of the city. There are unattended fires in the distance.

Homes in the city need bars on the windows, because of security.

Light pollution and billboards everywhere in the foreground, covering what little greenery there was—even the waterfront.

Housing – eutopia, detail

Eutopia. Housing.

Green spaces are seen in and on the buildings in the centre of the city—rooftop hydroponics are visible in some buildings, and rooftop solar PV and water heating in others.

Less parking is necessary, and this space has allowed more fluid traffic and space for non-motorised transport, as well as more localised services.

Higher density buildings now exist, with spacing around them so that sunlight still permeates.

There is more order in the favela in the distance, with a couple of more substantial buildings, and services like transport and proper roadways arranged to the centre of the city. The herringbone is more orderly, and clusters of houses are now of a better quality, and areas have been set off for recreation and commerce.

Waste has been cleaned up, and is now only in the farthest marginal areas.